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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

What symptoms do people get?

Bamila S & Seena Rajsekhar

M.V. Centre for Diabetic Foot Care, Podiatry, Research & Management

Commonly reported symptoms include...

Burning sensation as if feet are on fire

Freezing sensation as if feet are on ice although they feel warm to touch.

Stabbing sensation, as if from sharp knives.

Lancinating sensation like electric shocks.

Abnormalities of the foot which worsen the effects of neuropathy or vascular disease...

High Instep


Clawed Toes

Abnormal Toe nails

Rocker bottom deformity with neuropathic ulcer


Very dry skin

Deformed toes which cause excessive pressure at the tip and at the top.

Take Care of Your Feet

Daily foot care should include the following:

Look at your feet - every day. Look at the top and bottom of your foot. Check between your toes and around the heel area.

What to look for:
• Bruises
• Cracks/breaks in skin
• Soggy skin
• Dry skin
• Swellings/swelling in only one foot or leg
• Corns and calluses
• Ingrown toenails
• Blisters
• Sharp toe nails
• Hot/cold spots
• Discolouration
• Anything that is not normal or that was not there yesterday

If you are unable to see your foot, use a mirror or ask someone to help you.

Check for Corns and Calluses (hardened skin).

Corns and calluses can be a problem. They cause pressure and can lead to ulceration. Never trim or cut a corn yourself. The only safe way to treat a corn or callus is to see a podiatrist.

Wash your feet every day using plain water and mild soap. Dry your feet well using a light coloured towel, especially between the toes. Look at the towel to make sure there is no blood or pus on it. If you can see any blood or pus tell your doctor immediately.

Rub cream into your feet to stop them getting dry and cracked. Do not put cream between the toes. Use the cream twice a day if your feet are very dry.

A properly cut toe nail

A poorly cut toe nail

Do not cut your nails too short. Cut your nails straight across. Always check your nails for sharp edges. To smooth sharp edges use a nail file. If you are unable to cut your nails, see a podiatrist.

Consult with your Podiatrist regularly.

You can get routine integrated examination for your feet at the M.V. Centre for Diabetic Foot Care, Podiatry, Research and Management, Royapuram. The clinic provides education on practical aspects of foot care, early recognition of the foot at risk, advice on the selection of special footwear and comprehensive care for all diabetic foot complications.

At the M.V. Hospital for Diabetes, Royapuram, you will find a wide range of foot wear to suit your requirement including custom- built foot wear with moulded insole made at our in-house facility.
The DiaStep is a specially designed shoe made in collaboration with The Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai supported by Novo Nordisk Educational Foundation. It is suitable for diabetic patients with neuropathy, minor foot deformities and for those who have had minor foot complications.
It distributes pressure effectively, has better grip and traction, is comfortable, ensures limited joint movement and prevents foot ulcers and foot infections.

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  1. Treatment for diabetic neuropathy varies according to your symptoms and the particular organs damaged. One common feature of all treatments is the need to stabilize blood sugar levels. Healthy diet and exercise, as well as medication can be effective for this. Thanks a lot.


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