Welcome to M.V Hospital for Diabetes, established by late Prof. M.Viswanathan, Doyen of Diabetology in India in 1954 as a general hospital. In 1971 it became a hospital exclusively for Diabetes care. It has, at present,100 beds for the treatment of diabetes and its complications.

Monday, March 19, 2012


M.V.Hospital for Diabetes presents the first Dr. M Viswanathan National Award for Excellence in Medical Teaching and Medical Care to Dr. Ramchandra Dattatraya Lele, emeritus professor, National Academy of Medical Sciences. The award was given away by British Deputy High Commissioner, Mike Nithavrianakis at a function in Chennai on Saturday, March 17.

• “Diabetes is a silent killer. More deaths occur due to diabetes than HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. India has the second largest population of diabetics (61.3 million) after China (more than 90 million).” - Dr. Gojka Roglic, WHO at the DRC Gold Medal Oration 2011 organized by M.V.Hospital for Diabetes, Royapuram.

• Interventional studies indicate that children who are taught at a young age about the need for a healthy lifestyle and good food habits remember what they have learnt and modify their lifestyle accordingly.

• Link between TB and Diabetes

In an unpublished study , researchers at M.V. Hospital for Diabetes , who had screened TB units in urban, semi-urban and rural areas found that 25% of TB patients enrolled in the revised national tuberculosis control program in Tamil Nadu are diabetic. The Kerala government has also found high occurrence of diabetes in TB patients.

As a result a study has been initiated where 2 centres in Chennai- Sri Ramachandra University and M.V. Hospital for Diabetes- will conduct a bi-directional study where TB patients will be screened for diabetes and diabetics for TB.

• FM salve for heart patients and Diabetics.

The budget may bring some relief to those suffering from heart disease, diabetes and other lifestyle disorders. Customs duty has been reduced and excise duty removed on blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, certain medical devices and stents.

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