Welcome to M.V Hospital for Diabetes, established by late Prof. M.Viswanathan, Doyen of Diabetology in India in 1954 as a general hospital. In 1971 it became a hospital exclusively for Diabetes care. It has, at present,100 beds for the treatment of diabetes and its complications.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Ideal Diabetic Footwear

The DiaStep TM (shown above) is a unique product of research between M.V. Hospital for Diabetes and   the Central Leather Research Institute , Chennai, supported by Novo Nordisk Educational Foundation. It is specially designed for diabetic patients who have neuropathy, minor foot deformation and foot complication.

Special features:
  • A PU sole with extra depth for effective pressure distribution.
  • A special tread for extra depth sole for better grip and traction.
  • A specially designed insole bed and foam layer for added comfort
  • A rigid counter to ensure limited joint mobility.
  • A specially designed upper with leather lining for comfortable wear.
  • Adjustable Velcro fasteners to accommodate changes in foot volume.
  • A special angle of slant on the sole to give the ‘rocker’ effect which eases pressure from the plantar surface of the feet.

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