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Monday, June 13, 2016

Don’t Skip Breakfast

It is an important meal

Breakfast is an important meal for everyone, and especially so  for people with Type2diabetes. People with Type 2 diabetes who skip breakfast tend to have more problems controlling  their blood glucose levels.

If a person with diabetes misses  breakfast, it can result in  increased fat storage and weight gain. Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight.
A healthy breakfast replaces energy stores that burn off during the night . People who do not eat breakfast may have lower energy levels  in the mornings.
By skipping  breakfast you become very hungry by mid-morning  and  begin to look around for anything to snack on .The next meal is gobbled down  so quickly that you end up  overeating. This causes an immediate spike in blood sugar.  In the long run , this leads to weight gain and increasing the risk of developing diabetes-related complications.

Following  the recommended  quantity of carbohydrate per meal plan , regulates carbohydrate intake while missing a meal makes  it more difficult to  maintain blood glucose levels.

 Also, take care what you eat for breakfast  A typical  Indian breakfast can have  very  high calorie and carbohydrate content  if you do not choose wisely.

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