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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Foods that heal

Have a handful of walnuts and almonds each day as they are  high in anti- oxidants and omega-3 fatty acids and also in Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and potassium.
Flaxseeds are a store house of omega- 3 fatty acids.
Yoghurt is a rich source of calcium and protein and probiotics which keeps the digestive tract healthy.
 Being overweight, lack of exercise, eating high calorie foods,  a sedentary lifestyle, are all factors that lead to diabetes. Include the following foods to protect yourself
Strawberries help activate a protein that reduces LDL  cholesterol and blood lipids both of which play a role in development of diabetes. Studies also show it has a blood glucose lowering effect.
Red wine in moderation- Resveratrol,a compound found in red wine helps to regulate insulin.
Cinnamon helps lower fasting blood glucose, triglyceride levels, LDL cholesterol, improves insulin sensitivity. Sprinkle some on toast, or oats porridge.
Anthocyanin in apples helps regulate blood glucose levels
Spinach is rich in many nutrients. A British study shows that daily consumption  cuts the risk of diabetes by 14 %.
The colourful kiwi fruit :

  • The brown, hairy fruit also called Macaque peach or Chinese gooseberry is a very nutritious fruit.
  •  It is a rich source of vitamin C  that boosts the  immune system, helps fight against the damage of free radicals in the body  and so reduces the chances of cancer. It also reduces the signs of ageing and dark spots.
  • It reduces coughing and wheezing.
  • It is a good source of dietary fiber and so reduces constipation and improves digestion.
  • Its high level of serotonin reduces stress.
  • It is good for cardio-vascular health as the pectin lowers cholesterol.
  • Inositol, a natural sugar, has a role in regulating diabetes.
  • It is great for weight loss as it contains healthy fats, healthy sugar  and  is low  in calories.
  • The combination of Vitamins A,C, and  E  helps to maintain healthy eyesight and prevents macular degeneration of the eye.

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