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Monday, May 23, 2016

Eating Out With Diabetes

Diabetes does not go away. It has to be managed throughout one’s life. It is not possible to prepare and eat every single meal at home,every day. Eating out is part of modern urban culture and social interaction is good for everyone. Plan ahead and order wisely and you can join friends and family on a night out.

Plan Ahead

·        Choose a restaurant which offers healthy items or call and find out if they can provide special requests.
·       Try to eat at your usual time but it does not matter if you eat later than  your regular time for one day.
·       Eat a small snack before going to a restaurant, so that you aren’t  too hungry.

Order Wisely

·        Ask the chef how the particular dish is prepared if you have a doubt.
·        Be careful of portion sizes.  You can always eat the required quantity and pack the rest.
·        Order healthy food.
·        Substitute French fries with boiled vegetables.
·        Avoid crumbed or fried foods, or foods with heavy sauces or gravies.
·        Try grilled or boiled fish or poultry, and without butter.
·        Avoid alcohol.
·        If you eat at a buffet, fill up your plate with vegetables.
·        The trick is to choose foods you really like and make substitutions to accommodate them. For example, if you love the bread, have it but remove potato from the menu. Share a dessert with others and take a walk after the meal.

Enjoy life with diabetes.

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