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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Erectile Dysfunction in Men with Diabetes

It’s an indicator of underlying damage. Report this to your diabetologist.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) occurs quite commonly among men with Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes but most people shy away from reporting it. That is a pity because ED can be treated . However, more important is the fact that it can indicate the possible  risk of other complications. So, if you have diabetes and problems with reproductive organs, not reporting this condition to the diabetologist is putting yourself at a disadvantage.
Hyperglycemia can damage the blood vessels  and  the nervous system resulting in poor  blood flow an d loss of sensation in the sex organs. Once blood vessels start to fail, it affects the related nerves  and they also tend to malfunction. Over time,  diabetes, especially if it is  poorly controlled,  damages the nerves, smooth muscles, fibrous tissues and arteries – all of which usually work together in normal reproductive functions. Poor blood glucose control, excess weight and high cholesterol levels also increase the risk of developing some form of nerve damage.

It is estimated that  60 -70 % of people with diabetes have neuropathy. Age and extent of diabetes increase the risk of ED. Apart from this, obesity, smoking, and hypertension are risk factors for ED. Men with diabetes have a three- fold increased risk of developing ED than those who do not have diabetes.

There are three lines of treatment- oral drug therapy, injections and surgery.

What can ED imply?

It is the beginning of further health complications – both physical and psychological. It is one of the earliest signs of other diabetic conditions involving damage to the blood vessels and nerves. Nerve damage can also occur in the digestive tract and circulatory system . The problem is that unlike the hands and feet where nerve damage can be felt through signs such as numbness, internal organs have no way of showing this.

It left untreated, ED can severely damage sexual organs and create psychological issues such as anxiety, frustration, depression, low self- esteem , loss of intimacy and strained marital relationships.

So, take it seriously as a sign pointing to more severe diabetes related complications and talk to your diabetologist about it.

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