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Monday, September 26, 2016

Tips for Smart Living

 It’s hard to shop at the super market!

  A trip to the supermarket can be a challenge with eye catching displays and tempting offers especially if one has to keep an eye on one’s weight! We end up buying things we don’t need.Have you noticed that early in the journey through the supermarket you see the shining fresh choices such as fruit, meat, fish while the essentials such as bread, milk, eggs are at the rear and so you have to walk through the whole shop to get them. On the way are the Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) offers. Also what about those special offers of reduced rates and small items displayed around the cash counter to encourage impulse buying?Are these offers really worth it? They may either end up in the bin or as fat around your waist.
 So before you go shopping, plan out what you really need and make a shopping list to help you buy well. Also, do not go shopping when you are hungry.
Eat Smart - Manage weight and blood glucose better:

    •     Use smaller plates and bowls to make your portions look large.
    •     Weigh food if you cannot gauge the size of portions.
    •      Be mindful of what you are eating.
    •      It takes 20 minutes for the brain to register what you are eating. So eat slowly.

 A quick guide to portion sizes:

 Half a cooked jacket potato    looks like a computer mouse

Cooked rice                           looks like 2 heaped table spoons

Hard cheese                           looks like Small match box

Cooked lean meat                  looks like a deck of playing cards

Salmon fillet                           looks like a  large smart phone

Butter                                    looks like a  small dice

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