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Monday, March 6, 2017

Insulin at its Best

Store insulin properly to get the best effect

Insulin is very sensitive to sunlight and to extreme hot or cold temperatures and loses its ability to do what it should.

Read and follow storage instructions given on every vial of insulin or box of insulin pens. Unopened vials and pens stored in the fridge are good until expiration date. Opened vials can be stored in the refrigerator (20 -80 C ) or at room temperature.(250 - 300 C.)

Allow Insulin vials kept in the refrigerator to reach room temperature before injection. Opened vials of insulins such as Insulin Glargine, Insulin Glulisine, Insulin Aspart, Insulin Lispro, Insulin Isophane,Human insulin, and mixtures of insulin are stable for 28 days either at room temperature (250 - 300 C ) or
in a refrigerator at 20 - 80 C.

Opened vials of Insulin Detemir are stable up to 42 days at the recommended conditions. Moving opened insulin vials between refrigerator and room temperature does not appear to affect the insulin’s
potency under these conditions and time periods.

Used Insulin pens can be stored at room temperature (250 - 300 C) without exposure to direct sunlight or in the refrigerator door. Pens last for 7 to 28 days if stored at room temperature depending on the type of
pen used.

Begin the day with a good breakfast

Indian cuisine provides a variety of food for the breakfast table - Oats porridge, Roti with cauliflower or cabbage vegetable, methi /mixed vegetable parantha, dalia with vegetable, dal khichdi, Jowar/Bajra/Ragi roti, boiled sprouts, baked beans on toast, plain idli/dosa, vegetable upma and pesarattu are all healthy breakfast foods. There are many other commonly used breakfast items that can be made healthier by making a few changes.

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