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Monday, March 27, 2017

Six Holiday Tips

To enjoy the holidays and the food and still stay healthy, keep these in mind.


Shift your focus from food. Play games, volunteer, or spend time outdoors enjoying the weather together with family and friends because holidays are a time to slow down and catch up with them.

  Love the festive food? Don’t miss out on them but set a limit on what you eat and how much.

Eat slowly, and really enjoy the food.Try to stick to the same amount of carbohydrate that you normally would for a meal. If you plan to have a portion of dessert, cut back on another carbohydrate food during the main course.  Make sure your portions are reasonable and DO NOT TAKE A SECOND HELPING.
Not sure what is going to be served? Enquire about the recipe so that you can getan idea aboutcarbs and serving size.

Do you drink alcohol? 

Eat something beforehand to prevent low blood glucose levels later. Drinks can add a significant amount of calories. Keep it to no more than 1 drink for women and 2 drinks for men.  Avoid drinks that have high calorie mixers like aerated drinks, tonic, or juice that are all packed with carbohydrate and calories.
Stick to your exercise routine. Include time for the physical activity in your daily activities. It is very important for people with diabetes.

Add on extra exercises in your regular session, monitor your blood glucose levels, and get back on track with your usual eating habits the next day.

 If you feel you have eaten more carbs or food than you planned for, move away from the food and shift your focus onto the people around you for the rest of your time.

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